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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plimoth Plantation Recreation....

This is a slight departure from samplers, though related to then still. The Plimoth Plantation is recreating a 17th century embroidered jacket, shown in this painting (c.1614-1618) of Dorothy Carey. The flowers and insects on this jacket would likely have been copied by the embroideress from a spot motif sampler. Probably more than one person would have worked on a project of this magnitude..an estimated 3000 hours of painstaking work. Plimoth Plantation is documenting the creation of this masterpiece on a blog at:
http://www.plimoth.org/ Just click on The Embroiderers story in the upper right corner under the header. I`m loving reading about the recreation of this wonderful jacket...hope you enjoy it also!..ttfn...

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