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Monday, January 16, 2017

Well, that didn`t go as planned!

I can`t believe it has been three months since I posted! I have been trying to post every couple of weeks...or at least once a month.So much for that!

There has been a load of crap going on in real life, but I won`t bore you with that. I can never seem to make my life as funny or interesting as Marly at Samplers and Santas, or as witty as Coni over at The Spinster Stitcher. I come off as either angry or whiney so never mind all that. Let`s just say some people should be glad I only stab fabric. `nuff said.

Stitching! Yes, I have been stitching, I have new starts and some progress on some old ones. The one holding my interest has mostly been my Song of Solomon sampler. I have been having fun with the colours in the swirly border, picking them out as I go. This version is by Hideko Ogiwara and I fell in love with her colours.
that has been my inspiration for the colour scheme, and here is mine.

Similar, but different.

I have also been working on Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I have the first square done:

and am working on the fourth square. I decided to leave square #2 for awhile as I am thinking about re-designing the church to more resemble those where I grew up. I started Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, but as all I have done is a straight black line, i`ll leave that one for another time.

I have a car project (actually two) on the go, handy for waiting rooms where we have been spending huge chunks of time lately. Prairie Schooler Santa 2004 on 40 ct Lambs Wool linen, and Oh Christmas Tree by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night. I loved this when I started it, but now I am feeling meh about it. Maybe pics next time.

Well, I finally broke down and counted my WIPs.

26. I have 26 flippin' WIPS, most are huge. OY!!

Til next time, kepp stitchin`!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Progress and futzing...

I have been working on my Celtic Summer from Lavender and Lace. Here is where I was:

Then I was here:

 Notice there are some stitches missing in her sleeve? I did my own colour conversion for the  purples and greens. The original was done with DMC 500, 501, 502, 503 etc...a minty green palette. I wanted a more spring green and substituted 890, 319, 367, 320, 368 and 369 for the greens. The purples were Needlepaints, which I didn`t have, so I did a conversion for the purples as well. using 333, 3746, 340, 156 and 3747. I then decided 3747 was too pale and too blue, so I picked it out and restitched the sleeve with 341.  Here is where I am now :

I like it much better now! The light purples are still a bit on the blue side, but I think it will be ok once all the deeper shades are in. I wish I could have adjusted the colour on all three pics so they were the same, but when Microsoft (also known as those f***ers in our house) did their last massive update it seems to have screwed up the program I used to download my pics and adjust them. The colours are the closest to the middle pic. 

Other than working on this, I have been clearing out some of my old stash and organizing a bit (futzing). It is still hard to get to my needlework stuff in the spare room, but hopefully it will get easier once hubby clears out the sunporch. That is where all his tools are for now, until he gets the garage built. If finances ever improve that is. I want the sun porch to be my stitching room. Maybe next year, fingers crossed. 

If you haven`t discovered Flosstube (on Youtube) you have to go have a look. There are so many stitchers that are making videos. Here are a few of my favorites:

Emily C     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyo82ed6INkZP_DsCHlwR3w/feed

Stitcherista     https://www.youtube.com/user/DefiningDani

Trisha      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVOcY3eiZJx6XqVgbl24yaw

Heather   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWDzJUbYiuRnWqtX0et5htQ

I can`t seem to make them links, so just copy and paste into your browser bar. There are so many more, too many to list. Such fun to listen to while you stitch.

Well, it is 2:45...AM. Time for bed I guess. Keep stitching ladies!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

The road to he** is paved....

Why is it whenever I decide to restrict myself from buying stash, something comes along and I HAVE to have it? Or in this case, have them.

I just discovered Willow Hill Samplings. Maybe I have been living under a rock, why haven`t I heard of this company before?? I have been looking for years for just the right American patriotic pieces to stitch. I love red white and blue, and American history, and, of course, stitching, so these patterns are perfect. Just perfect. I LOVE them. Did I mention they are perfect?

Here is what I ordered:

Land of the Free

Betsy Ross

Paul Reveres' Ride

The Boston Tea Party

We The People

How gorgeous are they?? I should not have spent the money, my credit card is yelling obscenities at me. I really have to stop buying stash...but, as I think I mentioned before, these are just perfect! If you are interested, here is the link to the etsy site:


Hmm, hope that link works, if not just copy and paste it into your browser. 

Til next time, keep stitching ladies!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I am definitely losing it...

Have you ever done things that you don`t remember doing? Leaving aside memory lapses from drinking that is. Not that I drink...not that there is anything wrong with drinking...

Moving on.

I was organizing my WIPs and found some projects kitted up. I was pleased, as I wondered where I had put them. Until I opened a bag and found this one:

Wayward Garden by Drawn Thread. I have no idea where this came from. I don`t remember buying it. I am thinking I must have gotten the pattern at Fancy Mats, because that is the called for fabric, and that is their label. I love the pattern, but why the heck don`t I remember buying it??? I swear I am losing it.

Then there is this:

I remembered having this pattern, and went searching for it in my binders, but couldn`t find it. Then in a drawer full of kitted up projects (I don`t remember setting up a special drawer for kits) I found the whole kit. I never buy kits!! It has aida, which I hate, and presorted floss, which I hate...the price was 75% off though...I am thinking I bought it when Fancy Mats in Denver went out of business. That is just a guess though. Geeze...where has my memory gone??

No progress to show you...I put aside HoHRH for a bit and picked up a very old WIP Celtic Summer by Lavender and Lace. I was loving it, stitching along, needle flying, then discovered I am out of DMC 368. Crap. Pardon my French. I was hoping to show a great progress pic, but that will have to wait til next time. You see, our truck decided to take a little vacation. It is old and we can`t quite  figure out what is wrong with it. Hubby had all his teeth out (love your toothbrush ladies and gents) and isn`t feeling up to messing with it, so I am stranded. I will have to find something else to work on I guess. Til next time, keep stitching ladies!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Stitchy ADD

Not to offend anyone who truly has ADD, but I think I have stitchers ADD. I just can`t settle to one project for more than a few weeks before my mind begins to wander and voila! another start. I have been working on Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow, doing them individually

this is my progress, not much really

 and I had ordered the fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow, 40 ct Sand Dune but it is back ordered everywhere...evidentally Zwiegart had an issue with the bolts of fabric...

 so I ordered the fabric for Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow (seeing a theme here, lol?)

I am doing shores on Lakeside 40 ct Cedar Plank, but it hasn`t come yet. I have also been watching Floss Tube. Now that spells trouble. So many clever ladies doing so many lovely projects!! One in particular has been nagging at me...Death By Cross Stich by Long Dog Samplers

 Now when I first saw this I said "no way, are they nuts??" but the more I saw it the more I loved it. I adore the patterns, but it is sooo BIG!  (363 x 447) Then I got thinking it reminded me of something. So last night I went stash diving and found this:


this is Margreet Beemsterboers` Sampler of Motifs from Marken. I got this from the now defunct Needleprint publishing, which I still miss. This is big enough at 409 x 277. And is not as solidly stitched. Trying to decide what colour to stitch it in, I would get really bored with black so I am thinking blue, either DMC 792, 798, 797 or 796 with an as yet undetermined accent colour on antique white 36ct Newcastle linen.The sampler is made up of bands that traditionally decorated the caps of women from Marken Holland. Since this post is long enough already, I won`t go into the history of Marken bands, but will leave it to you to discover for yourselves. I have no idea how many WIPs I have, and I don`t really want to know...do I??

Keep stitching ladies!