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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Told ya I was flakey!

I haven`t been stitching. At. All. Nada. I went to Canada in August and put in a grand total of 8 stitches in the project I took with me. Other than that, zilch. I have started picking it up again though, maybe the cooler weather is the inspiration. Or I need some stress relief. Either way, since I have been sick (not desperately, just annoyingly under the weather) the last few days I have been picking away at my Heirloom Stitching sampler. I`ll try and take pics tomorrow if I am awake when the light is good. Lately sleep is my friend!

Nap time. TTFN!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Yes. I am flakey...

And not in a cute snowman kind of way. I am a flakey stitcher. I flit between projects like a bee presented with too much choice of flowers! I have been feeling the need for some easy simple stitching lately, so I rooted through my huge tote of UFOs and came up with this.

I have had this pattern for so long I don`t even remember buying it. I started it (barely) a few years ago and wasn`t satisfied with the teals in it. I remember I wanted to switch the colors, but something else must have come along and batted it`s flossy lashes at me and this got forgotten. So I picked out what little teal I had done and substituted some pinks and this is what I have come up with:

I switched the teals for DMC 760, 761 and the paler shades in the same colour family (the numbers escape me at the moment.) So I have a finish!! I have impressed myself. I`m not sure if I will frame it or make it into a box top or pouch of some kind. I need to think about it (otherwise known as procrastinating)

I am gathering supplies for this next, it is Heirloom Stitching Sampler by The Victoria Sampler.

I don`t have the right threads, so I am scouring the net for pics and am going to do my own colour scheme. The thread kit for this is around $89.00!! I have so many over dyed threads I can`t justify buying more, so I am going to choose from these:

As you can see, I have a lot of overdyed threads. When the local needlework went out of business I bought tons of stuff...threads patterns and fabrics...I think it was either at 50% or 60% off. I didn`t order off the net at that time, I don`t even think we had a computer back then. The nearest shop was going to be hours away by car and when I want to stitch something, I want to do it NOW...so...um yeah. Got a bit carried away with the threads.

Here is a bit of the sampler started. The thread is Weeks Basil....so pretty!!

I will also be subbing in some DMC solids for some of the colours. So that is what I have been up to in the stitching department. Til next time, keep stitching ladies!!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Jane Turner

I have been picking away a bit at Jane Turner again, trying to take a decent pic to get up on this blog. I think I have finally figured out the problem. I messed around with the settings, and while these pics are by no means perfect, they are much better than the last ones I took. Here is where I am on Jane Turner

I have a bit of a dilemma with the yellow and green striped leaves. In the second band I stitched the satin stitches this way:

In the fifth band I stitched the satin stitches this way:

I am not sure which I prefer. The double running stitch that outlines and divides the leaf sections is  much more visible the first way, but the leaf takes much longer to stitch. The instructions don`t say which direction the satin stitches go in. Most annoying. What do you think? 

Til next time, keep stitching ladies!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Jane has arrived!

Actually she arrived a few days ago...the box was (as per usual) stomped and ripped open by USPS but due to careful packing by the seller everything inside was pristine. There is a HUGE piece of 35ct linen (more than the sampler calls for) 13 skeins of NPI silks and 2 types of gold threads. Also the instruction book for Jane herself...which is at least an inch thick and full of very clear instructions and charts. I was surprised there was no colour photo, but as I have books with large detailed photos of Jane this is not an issue.
Lovely silks...
antique white (I think) linen, the fabric envelope is from Vera Bradley and was a bonus...
The instruction book.
I really have no plans to start her just yet...the instructions look 
 easy to follow, but there is some rather elaborate surface stitching on Jane, including the braided chain stitch, which just looking at the diagrams for it gives me anxiety!
Anyway, just thought you might like a peek at her. Keep stitching ladies!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

OK, I have officially lost my mind....

I went up to the stitchy room the other night and counted my WIPs. I have 22! I also have 10 others partially or completely kitted up. Ok, said I to maself, no more new starts...no more buying of patterns or kits. I need to get some of these finished. They are mostly all huge, time consuming samplers. This, I said, will be the year I clear a lot of these off my WIP list. I will not buy more. I will stitch from my stash, I will be thrifty!!
And then, into my world waltzed Jane Bostocke.
On ebay....for $325.00!!! My resolutions were still hanging in the air in front of my mouth, and I wanted this sampler...sooooo bad. Hubby wanted to know what I was muttering about as I tried to convince myself I didn`t really want her...I had too much stash now...money was tight...etc...etc...
After I explained that this kit was nearly impossible to find, that it was the oldest dated sampler extant, that I had lusted after her all my life...etc, etc, he handed me the credit card and told me to hurry up and get it before it was gone! I am proud to say I didn`t jump right to it...I waited...hemmed and hawed, argued with myself, and then caved in and bought it. I am alternating between being over-the-moon-excited and being disgusted with myself that I spent that much money!! (Well, not quite that much, the price dropped $25.00 during my internal and sometimes external debate). So...that is why I think I have lost my mind. I`ll never get all these samplers finished, and I keep buying more!! 
Jane is due to arrive this week, I should have the pleasure of her company by Thursday at the latest. I`ll keep you posted!
Keep stitching ladies!!