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Friday, September 23, 2016

Stitchy ADD

Not to offend anyone who truly has ADD, but I think I have stitchers ADD. I just can`t settle to one project for more than a few weeks before my mind begins to wander and voila! another start. I have been working on Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow, doing them individually

this is my progress, not much really

 and I had ordered the fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow, 40 ct Sand Dune but it is back ordered everywhere...evidentally Zwiegart had an issue with the bolts of fabric...

 so I ordered the fabric for Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow (seeing a theme here, lol?)

I am doing shores on Lakeside 40 ct Cedar Plank, but it hasn`t come yet. I have also been watching Floss Tube. Now that spells trouble. So many clever ladies doing so many lovely projects!! One in particular has been nagging at me...Death By Cross Stich by Long Dog Samplers

 Now when I first saw this I said "no way, are they nuts??" but the more I saw it the more I loved it. I adore the patterns, but it is sooo BIG!  (363 x 447) Then I got thinking it reminded me of something. So last night I went stash diving and found this:


this is Margreet Beemsterboers` Sampler of Motifs from Marken. I got this from the now defunct Needleprint publishing, which I still miss. This is big enough at 409 x 277. And is not as solidly stitched. Trying to decide what colour to stitch it in, I would get really bored with black so I am thinking blue, either DMC 792, 798, 797 or 796 with an as yet undetermined accent colour on antique white 36ct Newcastle linen.The sampler is made up of bands that traditionally decorated the caps of women from Marken Holland. Since this post is long enough already, I won`t go into the history of Marken bands, but will leave it to you to discover for yourselves. I have no idea how many WIPs I have, and I don`t really want to know...do I??

Keep stitching ladies!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Happiness abounds, stress recedes...

This is my Beatrix Potter sampler, done on 32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast with 3722. Not much progress, is it? I think I am tired of samplers. I just can`t get into them. They are too much for my tiny stressed out brain, so I am stitching this:

This is a square from Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Easy peasey stitching with a small-ish finish.

I have been stitching the houses on small pieces of 40 ct lambswool with DMC and was going to frame the separately.I am now regretting that decision. The idea was to have them going up the stairs in our other house, but this house has no stairs. I have also ordered the fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow and am doing it on one piece of 40ct Lakeside linen in Vintage with DMC ( and possibly some Anchor for better colour matches). I just can`t justify the price of the silks. I wonder if I could seam them together? I have seen samplers done that way (there was one called Flea Market Find, I think?) 
Hmm....I will have to think about it I guess. No way am I starting them over again on new fabric! 

This is what the finished projects will (hopefully) look like:

Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

As for life, it is chugging along...I have joys in the shape of a step-son, his girlfriend and two sweet kids that all but live here most of the time, sorrows in that they are struggling financially in these hard times and thankfulness that we can help them as best we can...I am working on getting the girlfriend to take up stitching! ;)

Keep stitching ladies!

Oh, PS: I found my books, repacked into a box other than what I put them in, that`s why I couldn`t find them!! YAY!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I am determined to get a few things in hand here. My stitching, my blog, my stash, and my life! Well, maybe not all of my life, but my stitchy life has been all over the place.

I finally have most of my supplies sorted out, my wips in some sort of order and I can get to my books. Yeah, my books. When we moved I have lost a box of books. I took great care with them, packed them all myself and brought the ones most dear to my heart in the back of the truck with me. I am missing a box!! I would cuss that moving company to he** and back but I am tired of that. If you follow me on Facebook I am sure you have read about the amout of stuff they have destroyed. I am still hopefully searching, but no luck. So far I am missing my book on Judah Hayle samplers..Eileen Bennett book sampler timeline, both copies of The Proper Stitch and my book on sweetbags by and several others. To say I am beside myself is putting it mildly! Hubby and I are going to tear apart the shed just in case they got put out there by mistake. ETA: Nope, no books

Anyway, not much progress on my Beatrix Potter. I have a mistake, I am off by one stitch and can`t find the mistake. I have also been working on The Garden Plot Thickens. Just a little. I have done more organizing than stitching, and we are still unpacking from our move. I told my husband they will have to bury me in Texas, because I am NEVER moving again!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Well, things have certainly changed...

Where to start? Well, about nine months ago my husband lost his job. He was a communications tech for a company contracted to the USAF. He still had his disability and his retirement (military) pay,so we were kind of limping along for a while, not in dire straits but unable to save any money. He couldn`t get a job at age 57, so burdened with a huge mortgage payment we decided to down size. We moved from Colorado to Texas, to a smaller house with a much smaller mortgage. Hubby has family here also, so it seemed sensible. The heat here, is not so sensible. Over 100 most days...I stay in a lot!

I have been doing a bit of stitching mostly on my Beatrix Potter sampler. I packed the back of our pick-up with things I couldn`t bear to lose, photos, needlework and books. During the long wait for our furniture ( it is being delivered today, we got down here on the 9th of May) I have worked on it a little now and then. It is simple stitching and it`s use of one colour, which I had multiple skeins of, meant I wouldn`t have to search for threads. I really have not been in much of a mood for stitching, to tell the truth. More watching movies and reading on line. I think I am stressed out to the nth degree, and just want to mostly veg out....
Anyway, here is Beatrix. On 32 ct Antique Ivory linen  with DMC ...um...a dusty kind of rose, don`t know the number at the moment. My needlework bag is in a storage cupboard which is behind boxes, so I will post that info when I can. Thanks for visiting, keep stitching ladies!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Revisiting an old finish...

I had finished this Victoria Sampler piece years ago, but it is not 'finished finished' if you know what I mean? I hemstitched it with the intention of making it into a bellpull, but I feel it needs something to make it stand out on the white-ish walls that decorators love to do every room in. So I am thinking about this:

This is a lacy sampler, and I have always loved the look of lace and tartan. I could back it with this and leave an inch or so showing around the edges. What do you think?

Thanks for visiting!