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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long time no blogging..

I`m still here..i`m having trouble uploading pics on dial-up..so I haven`t been blogging at all...but i`m still loving and reading this blog..

This is the blog about the Plymoth Jacket...it is my morning read...(unfortunately not updated every day, usually every other day)..it is fascinating reading, and I am also learning about things such as reversible cross stitches and lace making...
YAY!..I decided to give it a shot..I got a pic for you!..This is an Elizabethan style sweet bag stitched by Tricia Nguyen and brought in for the show and tell at one of the stitching sessions...how beautiful is that?


Barbeeque4 said...

I am also following that blog, very interesting reading.

joann in TX said...

i love Tricia Wilson Nguyen designs! and here i thought you stitched this!

i have stitched a plimouth bag and accessories that was a joanne harvey kit. it was my first bag and while not as detailed as PWN's it was fun to do! as well as the accessories!

samplerlover said...

I have been following this blog as well. You learn quite a bit of information. I glad your back as I enjoy reading your blog.

Maria S. said...

Do you get Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly mag? I have from the first and was so sad when they stopped publishing. Then in 1989 they started it up again and started with the next number. Tradtional Stitches carries it

vavadesneiges said...

wow ! welcome back ... on your blog, mj

I'm thrilled to read you again

Hugs, Eva