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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I`m still here...

Still stitching on Indian Garden pillow top..*sigh*...I only stitch an hour or so a day, so it`s slow going, but at least it`s going...

I`ve been doing some housecleaning, and also Christmas has gotten in the way of my stitching, but, alas, I fear the real culprit is the comp...I spend way too much time ogling samplers on-line, and not enough stitching...between that and posting on HLBB, my stitching is suffering...as is this blog...sorry.

I`m saving up for a sampler kit...the kit for Jane Bostocke is going to cost me $175.00 US...I got some unexpected money for x-mas (thanks Lavern!), so I have a start on savings...it will be awhile I fear though...I wouldn`t spend this kind of money on just any sampler kit..this is Jane Bostocke!...I had the chance to hold the original in my hands a couple of years ago on a trip to the V&A...it was a thrill I won`t forget in a hurry.

What is the most you have spent on a single needlework project?


Annemarie said...

Happy New Year!

Well, this project is certainly worth the money, it's so beautiful! And extra special, since you touched the original.

The most I've spent on a project is not a whole lot. My dream project - which was given to me by my parents because I could never afford it - cost 250 US dollars. I'm working on it now!

Anna said...

I love the piece you are working on! Do you know what issue it is in?