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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I have been busy lately

I am trying to get my supplies organized for the trip back to Nova Scotia. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! It involves making decisions...what to take, what to stitch, which threads go with which project...do I want to frame the finished item, or make it into a pillow/wall hanging/ stand up/needlebook etc, etc. I am having trouble making decisions lately.

While I am not actually dreading going back, i`d much rather just stay here. But, thanks to Homeland Security, and US law, I can`t. I knew I could only stay 6 months at a time, and that`s fine (well, not fine but I realize they need to set a limit), but when I came into the US this time I was told i`m spending too much time here. I have been flagged by Homeland Security as a possible risk of becoming an illegal alien. Excuse me? I don`t THINK so! I would just LOVE to become an illegal, have to change my name, live on the run, have my SO quit his job, sell his house, and change his name also. (are you sensing the sarcasm?) It`s like they have me convicted of a crime I haven`t committed...that they think I just might be tempted to commit. Good lord! I feel guilty when I jaywalk, so it just isn`t even within the realm of possibility.

So, I am headed back to Canada, and don`t know when I will be allowed back. My SO is filing paperwork to bring me here legally, but it takes years to get it sorted, so i`ve been told. So i`m busy...and cranky...and distracted...and, it seems ranting, so i`ll wind this up now.

As for stitching, i`m still working on 17th Century Style Band Sampler. I have stitched and ripped a few sections as they just didn`t suit me. I would post a pic, but my SO is asleep and the camera is in the bedroom. I will post a pic soon. Hopefully stitching will keep me from coming unravelled. Til next time ladies...keep stitching!

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joann in tx said...

mj - sorry to hear you're having a hard time coming and going across the border.

i had friends from toronto living here but that was before the homeland security thing. also have friends from australia here too. but the husbands work.

maybe you and your SO should think about tieing the knot? :) or maybe getting a job/part time job in the states? don't know if that would help.

so many canadians go by the book while here in houston we have a lot of the hispanic "illegal aliens."