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laughter to cheer you and those you love near you and all that your heart desires.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I`m still here!

My comp problems seem to be fixed *knocks on wood*. It seems that a program called RealPlayer was causing the crashing. I uninstalled it, and so far, so good.

This is my progress on Winters Lace. I am enjoying stitching this much more than I thought I would. My only peeve is I don`t care much for the fabbie I replaced the aida with. I think it`s Lugana...white 'fuzzies' seem to be separating from the fabric as I stitch. It also feels rough to the touch, and seems to be making my floss fray easily. I will be getting back to my sampler when my floor frame arrives.

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Anonymous said...

Those wolves are so cool... just beautiful, mj.