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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not A Sampler...

I have been working on 17th Century Style Band Sampler for a while now, and have hit a snag. There are two rows of a decorative buttonhole stitch that I can`t seem to do neat enough to suit me. So, after stitching and ripping it several times, I have switched to a different project for awhile.

My SO saw this in Fanci Mats and loved it, so I am stitching it for him:

It is a Dimensions kit. It came with Aida, but (no offense to those who like it) I despise Aida. So I picked out a 32 ct Zweigart and matched it as closely in colour as I could. Here is my progress so far:

It has been a fun stitch so far...lots of colour blending, of course, but not a lot of what I call 'confetti' stitches. The shades of colour move in a somewhat logical progression. The quality of the floss seems better than in most kits also (another pet peeve of mine...I don`t usually buy kits for that reason).

I am still packing...I think I have enough needlework packed to last me several lifetimes, but I figure choice is good. It`s going to be a long, cold winter.

Til next time, keep stitching ladies!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture, and you've got a great start on it mj - it will be great to follow its development.

Jennifer said...

I end up switching out the aida included with kits for a higher count fabric as well. Ever since I started stitching on other fabrics, I am not a huge Aida fan.

Jane said...

I agree with you on aida, I can't even stand evenweave. It has to be linen! It is turning out lovely.