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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas Stitching

This is going to be my Christmas project this year. I don`t expect to have it finished by the 25th, but I like working on something seasonal at Christmastime.

I had wanted to do this one for a few years now, and actually thought I had bought the pattern, but I hadn`t, so I picked it up this summer. I love the look of hardanger on a sampler done as a bottom edge like this. I can`t wait to get started.


Melissa M. said...


Jo said...

Great choice MJ! and I love your wolves too - very wintry!

Anonymous said...

I'll love watching this - now I'm itching to do some hardanger again!

Arthemise said...

That's beautiful! Hardanger scares me to bits.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I think Emie Bishop is one of the most talented hardanger designers around! I have Warm Christmas Wishes done for my Christmas walls :)

Her instructions are excellent so even if you've not tried hardanger before you should have no trouble as long as you read them carefully!

Anonymous said...

Hi again mj, putting this here so I don't spoil the mood of the following post - just to say I've tagged you on my blog if you care to look.