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Friday, January 23, 2009

Just CrossStitch...Just Gorgeous!

This is the new issue of Just CrossStitch. In fact, it is so new, I couldn`t find a pic of it on line, so please excuse the blurry photo...shiny covers are hard to capture accurately. I just could NOT resist this issue...Sharon Cohen has part I of a beautiful band sampler in this issue. The colours are spectacular, and there are lots of specialty stitches. It is stitched in colours from The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, with D.M.C substitutions listed. I LOVE it. I won`t be starting it anytime soon, but I can oogle it. Here it is in all it`s glory!

On the personal front, I got a new job working at a call center. There will be 5 weeks training, then I will be working 10 hour night shifts. It sounds rough, but I chose those hours so I could have three days a week off...so I will still have stitching time!!!

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