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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Mystery Item

This piece of linen (not the stitching, i`ll get to that) is a mystery to me. I found it in an antique store in a pile of miscellaneous linens….doilies, runners, handkerchiefs, etc. It is approx 15" by 15" , and is of an uneven count of 28 x 30. It appears to be a raw, undyed linen. When I washed it, it appeared to lose some colour, but upon further examination, I think it was just dirt and smoke that turned my wash water brown.
It has a folded edge secured by a row of chain stitches in a blue thread that appears to be silk. It had a multi looped bow of silk ribbon in the same pale blue as the silk chain stitch, attached to the center of the piece. It has been obviously washed many times in its life…the linen is soft and supple, with a slight sheen. I bought it to stitch on…I thought it would look good with a simple sampler on it, and that`s what I`m using it for….but all the while I have had it, it has been nagging at me….what is it? There was another one in the shop with a dark gold edge of stitching and matching bow, again in the center, that I didn`t buy (I regret that now). Why on earth would someone put a large bow dead center in a square of linen? I wonder if I will ever know?

The sampler I am stitching is a Margaret and Margaret design called Seasonal Sampler with DMC.

Keep stitching ladies!

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Anonymous said...

Nice sampler, and interesting story about the linen - thanks for sharing!