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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Red disaster...

Not so much of the needlework genre...although it is bad enough! I have dyed my hair a most disastrous shade of red...I thought I had deep auburn, and it was deep red. It is much too bright...rather traffic stopping, and not in a good way. In the sun it looks streaky...rather like the DMC 115 I have been using....which brings me to my second problem of the week.

I was zipping along on this sampler, having such a good time with it, and wham...the frogs struck! I just couldn`t seem to stop making mistakes! When I finally got back to stitching it right, I ran out of thread. So I guess i`ll just have to set this aside for a bit while I wait for my thread to come from more than halfway across the country, from Calgary to Nova Scotia. Can you believe it? There is no place to buy DMC 115 within easy driving distance of me (ie: less than 3 hours)

So...while I was debating if I could 'make do' with some DMC 75, which is also a red variegated (now discontinued) I decided to try a few stitches of the Sharon Cohen sampler. I have never worked on the Summer Khaki linen before, and it is lovely stuff! I adore Zweigart fabrics, and this one is like all the others I have used...smoothly and solidly woven with nicely 'fat' rounded threads that don`t abrade the thread. This is going to be a lovely stitch...the colours are just gorgeous, and so spring-like. I know I won`t be happy with the colour mismatch of the DMC 75 on the red sampler, so i`ll switch to this for awhile while I wait for the thread to come from Traditional Stitches. Janice is always so good about sending me things quickly, even when I 'add' things to an order that has just gone out, which I think will be the case again this time.
Sorry to be so wordy this post...it just seems to be one of those weeks when nothing goes right, and so takes a lot of explaining. Here`s to hoping my hair fades quickly, and the frogs stay away! Keep stitching ladies!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, when I read the title I feared for your sampler for a moment... I'm relieved it wasn't that, but I do sympathize about the hair. And about the frogs - I hope your thread reaches you quickly.

I'm also a great fan of summer khaki and Zweigart in general - it's such a pleasure to handle and stitch on.

Jo said...

Oh no!! Like Gio, when I read the title I was worried for your sampler - I was so relieved it was your hair!! I'm sure it will fade quickly. My friend died her hair 'Apricot Blonde' once (it went orange) - and she washed it with 2 lots of shampoo every day until it faded.

Can't wait to see more of your new start, and for the 115 to arrive

Galeon 7 said...

I like her hair red.

Her boyfriend. :)

~mj~ said...

Awe...thank-you honey!! *kiss*

Anonymous said...

The Thread & Eye in London, Ontario still has a fairly decent amount of the DMC old varigated threads. They are not open on Mondays but you can try them tomorrow. Maria S.