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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stitching...on a budget?

Photo by Fry, Annapolis Basin. This is one of my favorite places to stitch...

I have been trying to be very conservative in my spending the last few months. I am going to live in the USA, and have been saving (or trying to) for airfares, etc. I have really done very well...until lately. I decided to join the Mary Wigham stitch-along over at the Needleprint blog, and so I ordered my material (from the sale section of Traditional Stitches) and my thread (DMC instead of silk). I made a donation for the continued upkeep of the sampler at Ackworth, and thought to myself wow...I shouldn`t spend anymore on stitching for awhile...after all, I have more in my stash than I will likely ever get stitched now...and then I saw this , the Ackworth School Memory Book. I could have a place to enter the names of all the stitchers, notes on my progress, mementos of the event, notes about the antique sampler....I hesitated...I hemmed and hawed...I slept on it. I tried to ignore the book, but it beckoned me...so I broke down and ordered it. By the time I get this sampler finished, I will have spent around $100.00...and that is before framing!

I plan on stitching a lot on Grateful Heart this weekend so I can have as much of it done as possible before starting Mary Wigham. I should have an update pic for you on Monday.

How do you all manage to stick to a budget when it comes to your passion? I need a needlework intervention!

Keep stitching ladies!


Anonymous said...

I don't even try to stick to a budget... If I don't buy a chart I really like because "I've been spending too much lately" then after a while I become terrified that it will go OOP and I get it anyway. I consider my growing stash as a kind of retirement fund, you know, something to keep me busy and harmless when the time comes :-)

Jo said...

I agree Gio - except if I started now I have enough statsh to keep me going until I'm 90... but with increased life expectancy there must be room/time for more stash, right?

MJ - I had a good look at the book to. I've not caved... yet!!

Anonymous said...

mj i don't really have a stitching budget either. but try and think like Gio! :)

if you want it when you see it, get it. i've got so much stash now i hesitate at times buying new. i need to learn to downsize and one day soon i'm sure i will! :)