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Friday, August 07, 2009

Mary Wigham update, and software fun

This is my progress on Mary Wigham to date. I have had a few attacks of nasty frogs, or I would be further along with her. I am still subbing colours in some places, and I have added 3045 to my choices. I may take out the paler yellows and redo them in 3045, esp the small medallion just to the left of the blue flowers. It doesn`t show up very well against the cream. My goal is to finish Mary this month. Think i`ll make it?
Distracting me from MW is a wonderful new software program that I got with an e copy of the Beatrix Potter sampler. It`s called Jane Greenoff`s Cross Stitch Designer. Needleprint is offering infinity charts for use with it. They are called infinity because they will last you to infinity.You can change colours, flip, rotate, delete...in short, you can customize charts to your hearts content. You can import pics and change them to patterns, and print as many copies as you`d like. And, of course, you can design your own charts from scratch, print them out, and stitch away! The Beatrix Potter infinity chart including the software download is only $20.00 US !! There is a separate blog now for the infinity charts and masterclasses on using the software. I only wish there were more hours in the day for playing and stitching!
Keep stitching ladies!


Ineke said...

You already made good progress on Mary Wigham, despite of the frogs. I think you can finish it this month! The colour changes are nice, giving more balance than the original paler ones.

SilkLover said...

Aw, you're putting me to shame! I haven't gotten Part 2 completed yet (almost though). I feel like I am stitching and stiching and getting nowhere. I need a break, I do believe. Back the Grateful Heart Samper for a little while.
Like your colors on Mary.

Marie-P said...

MW is looking beatiful; I do love your color selection.