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Friday, August 27, 2010

I`ve been remiss

In posting here lately. I`ve been in a bit of a funk...some health issues and such. Nothing serious, just enough to make me feel blah. I have been stitching, but not a lot...I tend to look at projects and think "that`s not enough progress to bother posting about" and before I know it a month or more has gone by. I haven`t done much sampler research lately (read none) either. Sigh. I have begun a repro sampler by Charlotte Bronte. I`m stitching it from a picture....a fun challenge for me. The non fun part will be the three sections of over-one at the bottom...I detest stitching over-one. I may have to look them up and buy the charts (I intend to do all three, by Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, if I survive the over-one on Charlotte)
I am using plain ole DMC (761) on cream 32ct Zwiegart.
I don`t have any pics of my stitching to share...here are the samplers from pics around the net. I believe Anne of Tempus Fugit did them and that may be where these pics are from. I love the simplicity of them and I will love hanging these as a set. If you are interested in reading more about these three sampler sisters, there is an article here by Lori Bell, from a presentation to the EGA in 1996.
Keep stitching ladies!
ETA: The Bronte sampler patterns are available here.


Peggy Lee said...

A drool-worthy post today! I just love samplers. My DIL said to me the other day..."oh, you're stitching something else with letters and number, huh?" They just don't understand it, do they?

I do the same thing....not posting a pic of my progess because I don't think I've really done enough to report. I think we would all want to see any kind of progress!
Keep us posted....I can't wait to see what you're working on now.

marylin & poussy said...

What a magnificent embroidery!
Bravo to you
Best regards marylin