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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loara Standish...finally!

Since the search for links to the Jane Turner 'sisters' have seemingly dried up for now, I am obsessing about another sampler, Loara Standish.

It`s a weird feeling when you finally start something that you have been wanting to do for years, and that something for me is Loara. I am fighting the urge to over-think her, and just enjoy the stitching. I must admit she has me a bit intimidated, and that`s when I start agonizing over every stitch and then there is the frogging. *sigh*. I am on the very first band, the row of 'Standish stitch'. I have ripped it out three times because I keep making mistakes. Even with the stitch chart right in front of me. I think I have it down now though *crosses fingers*. I`ll post a pic after I get the row done...

There is a stitch-along for this sampler, if you bought your kit through Traditional Stitches Janice is heading the stitch-along on Yahoo. It is always fun to do a stitch-along, esp. when there is a group leader. It tends to keep everyone on track.

Keep stitching ladies!


Giovanna said...

This is going to be absolutely stunning - go, mj!

Gabi said...

Looking forward to see a progress picture of Loara. She will be a beauty.