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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Margret Gatis

Ok...after sifting through my humongous pile of WIP/UFOs, I decided on Margret Gatis from The Scarlet Letter. I hadn`t picked her up since March and looking at her I see why I put her down. I am on row 5, which is a double running band. The instructions say if using 35 ct (I am using 36) to use 2 starnds of DMC, but I didn`t like the way it looked. I put it down to ponder the problem and she got shuffled to the pile of WIPs in my sewing room. I have decided to rip out row 5 (I didn`t have much done) and re stitch with 1 strand, and I`m liking it better. What I am not enjoying as much is doing double running over three threads of linen! Double running hurts my brain anyway, and it`s worse with it being over three rather than two. I just don`t seem to be able to concentrate as much as I used to for some reason, and I end up doing a lot of ripping...

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