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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hmm hmm hmm....

Well, I have been stitching...the problem is coming up with just what I`ve been stitching...It seems like no progress, or not much anyway!

First, here is a pincushion I made up...it started as a thread box, taking a pattern from SANQ and adjusting it to fit long thin spools. I was digging through my WIPs and wishing I had a large mattress style pincushion and I came upon the unfinished thread box. I had kind of lost interest in it`s original purpose, so I stitched it together and voila, a pincushion. It matches my sewing kit I made years ago, so that works for me!

Then I worked a bit more on Margret Gatis...I stitched and cut out the center flower and decided to let that sit a bit while I finish the double running in the band. I just can`t seem to go around the curves smoothly with the satin stitch in that flower!!

My eyes were getting tired of the over three on 35 count (counting every fricking thread is annoying!) so I picked up my IM IB from The Essamplaire and worked on it a bit. Please excuse all the thread ends, I do a bunch of double running bands then go back and weave the ends in batches. This is on 28 count with 2 strands of DMC. A lot easier on the eyes, but a LOT of double running stitch.

Needing a break from double running, I was thinking about switching to another WIP and muttering to myself when hubby piped up "you could work on the wolves". I had started Winters Lace a few years ago and have the wolves done...there is only the background to do. Piece of cake you say? Oh no!! It`s mostly half crosses in a thousand shades and blended shades of grey. I have been plugging away at it, but I have to make a note of where I left off and what colour I am working every time I step away from it. Getting lost on this pattern is a daily occurrence, even using a magnet board and line magnifier. It.is.awful. I can`t watch TV or even listen to it while working this one.

So, that is what I have been up to in the stitching department. What have you been up to? Hope you are all staying warm and cosy with tea and stitching...

Keep stitching ladies!


Teresa S. said...

Beautiful stitching! What issue of SANQ did you use for the little sampler pincushion?

~mj~ said...

The basic idea for the thread box came from Issue #41. I made it wider to accommodate long spools, and changed the design to match my sewing kit. It really doesn`t look much like the thread box at all!

Chris said...

Lovely projects mj!