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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole

Sampler from Feller Needlework Collection Vol 2, figure 450.
  It all started with the book 'The Feller Needlework Collection : 2'(OOP). Aside from it being a gorgeously illustrated book, inside the front cover is a sampler pattern that had me drooling from the first time I saw it. Since it had been calling to me since the book was published in 2002, It went on my "to do" list. Then I got the book 'Embroidered Stories: Scottish Samplers' by Helen Wyld published in 2018,and I saw a sampler that looked so familiar, The Elizabeth Hadden sampler on pages 16 and 17, circa 1770. It was nearly identical to the sampler in the Feller book. I was so excited, wondering if anyone else had made the connection between these two samplers! These are the times I wish I had money...money to travel and research and find connecting samplers. Maybe they were done by sisters? At the same school? Under the tutelage of the same teacher?
   I then started to delve into some of my other sampler books. I found a sampler on page 69 of 'Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries' by Marcus Huish, but it was an earlier picture of the sampler in the Feller book. I had been perusing my issues of SANQ (Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly, now OOP). Something was nagging at my brain that I had seen these beautiful samplers before. Suddenly there they were. in Volume 27 on page 56, three more! They were so similar that they had to be related, three samplers done by three sisters, Hillen (Helen), Elizabeth and Caroline Scott, circa 1730! I don't know just how rare sister samplers are, but this is the first set of three that I had seen. Even better, they nearly matched the one from the Feller collection. The floral bands and the geometric red and green band were there, just in slightly different positions.The arrangement of the bands and motifs are slightly different on all the samplers, but the similarities just screamed at me. The predominately satin stitch floral bands were so strikingly beautiful, and to my mind, firmly established that they were related to the Feller sampler. The samplers had been part of an exhibition at the Cora Ginsberg Gallery in 2002. On page 63 of Naomi Tarrants' book on Scottish samplers 'Remember Now Thy Creator' there is a sampler by Ann Scott that has a very similar floral band, and another sampler on page 139 has a similar geometric band. I have a feeling there are more out there, waiting to be found. It is so much fun to make finds like this...I have gotten in touch with a collector, and I am hoping they can connect the threads and perhaps fill in some of the blank spaces in the history of these samplers and the girls that made them.

 PS-I wish I could find more pictures of the various samplers, but all I can find is the one at the top of this post.

Friday, September 04, 2020

I must be getting old...

I hate change, and Blogger is changing, just when I am trying to get back in the Blogging spirit. I can't tell if major change is happening yet, so maybe that is a good thing. I have read that the changes are making it difficult for some bloggers, so we will see what happens.

I have started stitching again, and have some new starts lined up. 

First is a Little Gem from Hands Across The Sea Samplers, Agnes Husband. A small sampler, bought as an instant download. Such a sweet little band sampler, I am stitching it with DMC on 40ct Flax linen. I may tea dye it after I am finished to give a warmer colour to the linen. The Flax is a bit of a cool grey. 

Then, on Sunday the 6th, the Coming To America stitch-a-long starts. I have the pattern by Brenda Gervais, which I got from Sassy Jacks with a lovely storage box, an adorable needleminder and a free pattern. (I see they are out of stock, but there are some charts available on Etsy, and possibly other on line retailers). I am using some 40 ct Flax (again) and DMC, Weeks Dye Works and Sampler Threads I have matched up as best I can to the called for colours. I have so many threads I will never use them up in my lifetime, so I refuse to buy any more...at least no more cottons other than replacing DMC as it is used up. 

Next will be the Traditional Stitches exclusive stitch-a-long for the Ann Morison sampler, starting in early December. The pattern can only be purchased through Traditional Stitches in Canada, and I am not sure how many pattern booklets are available. This is another stunning reproduction by HATS, an exclusive offering from Traditional Stitches for their 20th anniversary. I am quite addicted to their patterns, I love to collect them even if I won't stitch them. Their charts are clear and there are always stories about the sampler and/or stitcher inside. Nicola is a lovely lady, really the nicest stitcher I know, and is always willing to give so much of her time to help out a fellow stitcher. 

Well that should keep me busy for awhile. I have figured out a way to lay flat on my back and stitch, at least on small samplers, so maybe I will get some progress on the smaller pieces. Not sure if I can work on larger samplers that way, we will have to see. 

Keep stitching ladies!

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

No stitching

There has been no stitching and sporadic posts here for a while now. I have hardly picked up my needlework all year. I have done maybe an hours worth all told. I am done trying to get my stitchy mojo back. I have depression, and have lost interest in a lot of things.

 I am on medication and am thinking it just isn't working. As soon as the pandemic recedes I will see about increasing my dose. The AFB that we go to to see our doctor and get our meds has closed to retirees. So no docs and meds will have to be purchased instead of getting them free. (sort of, nothing is free)

I am just soooo tired of everything. All I see are nasty selfish people, hoarding and bullying on the net. I am so tired.

There will be no more posts til further notice.


Friday, January 03, 2020

Ok, back again!

I finally picked up some stitching tonight, VoHRH. I watched / listened to a Floss Tube vid while I did it, and it felt ok. I am not saying I have my former enthusiasm back, but I feel the faint stirring.
   It has been a hard couple of months...three actually. I had terrific headaches in October, the kind that make you question your will to live. Then was treated for a sinus infection for two weeks...antibiotics. Fun aren't they? (sarcasm). I didn't quite get off those before I got the flu...that wiped out the rest of November and part of December. Finally got over that and discovered I had one of the largest tooth abscess known to mankind, which meant...yep, more antibiotics!! Yay, go me! No xmas for this girl...got hubby to take son out to Golden Corral while I slept the day away on pain pills and even nastier antibiotics (two kinds). I am sick of being sick...enough is enough! That tooth will be dealt with on the 9th of Jan.
  I think Youtube has been messing with my subscriptions...I can't seem to find the Flosstube channels I liked. I have found Off The Grid, I will be binge watching her vids for awhile...I just love her. I am searching for a lot of former favorites. Some names I remember and some I can't. I enjoy listening to the vids while I stitch...also Agatha Christie audio books. I have read all her books, but I still enjoy listening to them.
  I have been selling a few books and patterns on the Face Book group Samplers Through Time. I have way too many patterns, mostly samplers. If I had four sets of arms I could never get them all stitched in my lifetime. I would rather have a book on samplers than a bunch of patterns I will never stitch, then when I don't feel like stitching, I can curl up with a book.

Well I have blathered on long enough! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

There was a little stitching...

I picked up Froth and Bubble (hang on, I have to go look up who designed it, yes, it has been that long since I have had stitchy thoughts!) by Long Dog Samplers and stitched a wee bit...and by wee bit I mean an hours worth...on it. That is it. Sigh.

Do any of you watch Floss Tube? I used to. A LOT. I mostly listened while stitching, glancing up and drooling over finishes, progress pics, and stash. Then I got disenchanted. After always typing comments under the vids, praising the work, asking questions, loving the stash,I  made the mistake of asking someone to please not tell a story about a pet that seemed like it was going to end badly. Wow. Another Flosstuber (who shall remain nameless) came into the comments section and flayed me withing an inch of my life, calling me names and saying I had no right to say anything to her friend (the maker of the vid) and how I was to immediately unsub from her channel if I was subbed, and a whole lot more that does not bear repeating. It seems there had been a rash of people 'hating' on Flosstubers on various social media that I was unaware of, and I was branded as a hater. I was horrified that I had caused offence, apologized and proceeded to try and right the impression I had made of being so awful a person. I sent messages, apologized, groveled and generally ate crow. The grapevine being what it is, I was very quickly labeled as being a bitch of the first order.

It is bad enough to be 'black balled' for something, but to unfairly judged and whispered about is disgusting. I sent the woman who had started the whole name calling embarrassing drama a FB message and asked her what was with all the hate. The response was not favorable, she refused to discuss it and her final message to me was "F... off". With no dots.

You may wonder why I bring this up now. Because it has been gnawing at me for a long time. I am now aware of the fact that I did nothing wrong. The lady whose video I was posting to said she had not been offended or hurt by my remarks at all. The people who trounced me in opinion were led by a popular Floss Tuber and exhibited a ganging up mentality I have not seen since grade school. I have been blocked from commenting on some videos. I wonder sometimes if I wanted to go to one of the stitching retreats if my application would get lost in the mail. Not that I would go, I just wonder...

You know what? I know who the nasty people are and I am done feeling guilty for something that I didn't do. I would never knowingly hurt someone either in life or print, and have stopped watching a lot of videos. I am not going to let the opinions of a few influence me either way. I am not saying who the nasty comments came from, as I am sure a lot of you love their vids, and that is great. I still watch some, just now getting back into stitchy mode.

I am me, take me or leave me.

Now, I have to go stitch something. And catch up on blogs...