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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Safely Home....

This is the latest issue of Fine Lines magazine that I got...I`m really enjoying these...they are expensive when compared to other cross-stitch magazines, but are well worth it...I love antique samplers and articles on antique needlework, and these fit the bill nicely....I especially like the sampler on the cover of this issue...it is called the Safely Home sampler designed by Kandace Thomas. As much as I love stitching with specialty threads and fabrics, it is fun to just go back to basics sometimes...plain old D.M.C. floss and 32 ct linen...I do enjoy specialty stitches though...I could always substitute some for the plain cross-stitch...(I never stitch anything as charted anyway). It has Smyrna Cross, Algerian Eyelet, Palestrina Knot, Herringbone Stitch, LongArm Cross, and cross over-one. I may add some Satin Stitch to the grassy areas when I do it.(As if I need to start another project)...ttfn


VavadesNeiges - Eva said...

which design are you going to choose ?

samplerknn said...

Fine Lines....is that still being published? What ever happened to the Historic Needlework Guild? I used to get these and then it dropped off. I loved going to sampler gathering each year.