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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I`m Going Home!..Again!

I get to go home to England again!...I say 'home' because that is how I think of England, even though I`ve never lived there...it is where a lot of my family is..and most of my heart.
When I think of England, i also think of the V&A..and this sampler...I call it the Unicorn Sampler...for [obviously] the unicorn in whitework that graces the top section...I saw this one at the V&A when i was there last time...I entered the needlework section at opening time...and left about 10 minutes before the museum closed...didn`t even bother with lunch...I spent just about the entire time looking at samplers...from every era I could find...I was particularly thrilled to find one by Agatha Christie...Yes, the famous mystery writer stitched!..not only did she stitch, she edited and authored books on embroidery techniques and sampler stitches..[I have one book she edited..I`m still trying to get the one on stitches]...I don`t think I`ll get to go back to the V&A this trip...finances are tight...but you never know...
I am leaving on the 3rd of May...for three weeks!..I can hardly wait!..
Re Stef: The sampler below [whitework] is an antique..I believe in the Fitzwilliam Museum...I don`t know if it has been reproduced or not..


Stef said...

Oh MJ, we have something very much in common! I too think of England as my home even though I live in California. My daughter and I leave for a visit with family on April 30th for 10 days. Lucky you being able to stay for 3 weeks! Thank you for the information on the sampler - it is a beauty!!!

suz said...

I envy you going to the V&A. I, too, would spend all day in the neddlework section given the chance. I didn't know that Agatha Christie was a stitcher. Fun thing to know.

Have a great time and take in as much about stitchery as you can, so you can come back and share it with your blog readers.

Rowyn said...

Ooh exciting, England is one of my favourite destinations too. :0)

anniebeez said...

I am working on this sampler right now! I would love to see it in person!!