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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Elizabeth Brown ~ 1879

I loved this sampler from the moment I lay eyes on it...it is also a Scottish sampler, but very different from the one below. This has a much more subdued color scheme, and the overall appearance is less ornate...it has a more formal feel. Several pairs of initials appear...probably those of her parents and siblings, although one can`t be sure. I loved the shapes of the trees on this, and the beehive at the bottom surrounded by the flying bees is a whimsical touch. The sampler is worked in cross, four-sided, Algerian eye, and horizontal and vertical satin stitches. I did it on Zweigart Driftwood linen. The pattern appears in SANQ volume 7. It was a quick and fun stitch, and remains one of my favorites...ttfn..have fun with your stitching...

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Lelia said...

Good job on this one! I remember seeing it in the magazine -- Aren't alphabets a fun thing to stitch???

The green/reds are lovely.

TGIF - enjoy the week-end