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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Loara Standish Sampler...

This is the oldest documented sampler in the U.S.A. Stitched by Loara Standish in the late 1630s or early 1640s. Loara was the daughter of Myles and Barbara Standish of Duxburrow Massachusetts. It is a formidable example of sampler making at it`s finest. Stitched so as to be completely reversible, with numerous bands of varied stitches, including Montenegrin cross, long-armed cross, back, outline, eyelet, double running and arrow-head. Also documented was a stitch that required 13 passes of the needle to complete. Named the Standish Stitch by Joann Harvey of the Examplarery, who examined the sampler and researched and reproduced it so we too may enjoy stitching it. The sampler was stitched on 50 count (makes my eyes ache even to think of it) linen, in blues, greens, pink, and a faded red, it measures 7 1/4"x 23 1/2". Motifs include the rose, carnation, oak leaf and an intertwined "S" above the verse which reads:"Loara Standish is my name/Lorde guide my hart that/I may doe thy will also/My hands with such/Convenient skill as may/Conduce to virtue void of/Shame and I will give/The glory to thy name".
I love this sampler. It is available from The Examplarery and I have seen it also at Traditional Stitches (see link to my favorite needlework shop in the sidebar). I would love to stitch it, just not on 50 ct linen! (i`m not sure what count is included in the kit). If anyone has just the pattern for sale or trade, I would be very interested. The kit is out of my price bracket for now. TTFN...have a good stitchy day!.


Annemarie said...

This is wonderful, thank you for introducing us to this sampler. I will go and look it up myself now!

Anonymous said...

I would love to stitch it as well but is very much out of my price range. Would LOVE the chart of this and the Mary Hollingsworth sampler.