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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great Is Thy Faithfulness...

This is another sampler I stitched on Zweigarts Driftwood linen. Called 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness' and designed by Anna L. Jackson. It was a winner in a contest sponsored by The DMC Corporation and Just CrossStitch magazine. It was published in one of my favorite magazines, SANQ.
It features many different stitches including satin, Bosnia, Montenegrin, four-sided, double-running, Algerian eye, Bargello, queen, Oriental, cross, cross over one, back-stitch, French knots, two-sided Italian cross, long-arm cross, three sided, Hungarian, herringbone, and chequer stitch.
I loved stitching this...the bands were short, and it worked up quickly. I changed a few colors in some of the bands, and added a band of acorns and oak leaves in double-running stitch. I finished it off with hemstitching, intending to make it into a bell pull..as of yet, I haven`t done that. Another of those 'some day' projects, I guess. Enjoy your stitching...

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