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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Needlework Tools....

What are your favorite needlework tools?...Do you stitch in hand, or use a hoop/frame?
I use a wooden hoop, even though I stitch on linen...I have tendonitis, and it flares up if I try to stitch 'in hand'...(also if I stitch "over-one"...a good excuse to avoid it unless absolutely necessary) I found a better grade of hoop when I was in England and brought one home..the ones here are getting so flimsy and cheaply made they are more like pressed paper than wood...

I have never bought or used the fancy platinum or gold needles..I figure they weren`t available in the 17th century, and judging by the fineness of the needlework, weren`t missed either...

My favorite scissors are an old inexpensive pair of stork scissors..they have been sharpened many times...I have other more expensive pairs...some for Hardanger with a black finish (I find it hard use the chrome ones, the stitching reflects in them making it harder to judge accurately), a pair of mini shears for cutting linen, and a pair of 'snip' scissors with a curved blade for removing stitches...but I always reach for my old 'faithfuls'...they just fit my hand and feel familiar and comforting somehow...
I have a sewing stand that belonged to my aunt`s mother...I had admired it often as a child, and when her things went to auction, had my husband buy it...it sits beside me and holds 'some' of my stitching (I have taken to putting things in individual project bags and storing them away when not working on them..it made for much less clutter..the best ones I have found are zippered nylon 'night deposit' bags..available at the dollar store..there is a clear pocket on the front to slip in a pic of the project for easy identification)

That is pretty much it..I have a magnifying lamp, but no stand, and it`s so heavy the table clamp doesn`t hold it too well...so I don`t use it (i`m getting to the point where I should be using some sort of magnification though) my main requirement is a comfy chair and plenty of light..and, of course time to stitch everything I want to...I`m still working on the pillow for my aunt...*sigh*...getting really bored with the border though..(no pun intended...)...ttfn...


samplerlover said...

My favorite needlework tools are 2 English wooden hoops. The smaller one I use on small projects and the larger one of of course large samplers. I also have trouble sometimes with one of my wrists. I broke one of the bones a couple of years ago in seven places. Most of the time it is fine, but when it is cold I have to wear one of those special fingerless gloves. Can't remember what they are called.

I wear reading glasses, but find if I am doing something over one I have ones of those magnifying glasses that you can move up and down. They are on a band that goes around your forehead, Oh dear this is terrible, I have a mental block at the moment. I can't remember those as well.
I have a few pair of scissors that I use for different things. At the moment I have a pair of stork scissors that I generally use for needlework. My hardanger scissors are a very pointy pair of gold scissors that I only use for hardanger.
I have tried gold needles but but find that after a little while the gold has gone and they are not usually that easy to sew with.
I also use Thread Heaven when I am doing something over one as I find that it stops the thread getting into knots.
I also use those little bags that you get from long distance flights with toiletries in them to store my sewing needs for my current work. I usually store my work in A4 size sandwich bags to keep my work clean.

Your work for your Aunt is lovely and I am sure when you have finished it she will greatly appreciate it. - Sandra.

Suzanne said...

My favorite needlework tools. I use a few different size wooden hoops. They were my grandmothers, so they are probably quite old. The wood has turned a beautiful golden colour and is really smooth, so it dosn't catch the material. I also have a lovely collection of stork scissors from Italy and Germany, given as gifts. Other than those, I would probably say that my very first needlebook I ever made. It's really quite rough and not very well made, but I made it when I was twelve and I love it.

Your stitching is really beautiful, it will make a wonderful gift.

vavadesneiges said...

I'm glad to read you again :)
Big hugs, Eva

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Really so good to read what your favorite stitching tools are. I like to know things like that about stitching friends. It's a comfort to have old stands and things from family around, I think, so I can see how your aunt's stand would be a wonderful piece to have near you. I actually did a blog entry on my favorite stitching things a while ago...you can find it in my older entries, if you were interested. But, one main thing I can't do without nowdays is my magnifier lamp! My eyes just can't see those over ones on 36-40 cts anymore! I also used to be completely opposed to in-hand stitching, but recently I've found that some things are stitched faster that way...so I'm a semi-convert. Mostly, I still use stretcher frames and my one-hand-up-&-one-hand-under method of stitching. Very old-fashioned! LOL I collect scissors and love to use them all with fancy fobs on them! Life is short..so I try to enjoy and beautify my stitching area and tools! As far as I can tell, there's no difference between regular and gold needles in stitching, except that the golds don't rust and the eyes don't break as easily.

Lelia said...

Interesting post. My light is a second-hand Ott light. It seems ok. I like to use scroll bars/side bars on a lapstand by K's creations ... for samplers. For smaller pieces, usually I use q-snaps. I am unable to stitch in hand b/c my fingers and wrists become very sore. [remember, I'm a fossil!!!] Usually, I have different sizes of needles nearby and grab whatever. My favs are the petite ones -- usually 26 or 28s. The gold needles I have were a gift & I have never used any of them. My fav scissors are tres claveles [maybe mis-spelled] made in Spain. I have 2 pair in my drawer. For everyday floss - I just use an inexpensive Gingher's pair.

My fav needlework things are threadwinders -- because they are unique and practical!! I don't have a lot of them; however, enjoy the ones I do own. I have wooden ones, heavy paper ones, one made out of foam core board, and mother-of-pearl.

Sweet Pea said...

Interesting question!

I like to use wooden scroll frames for stitching. I used to use plastic embroidery hoops, but I found I liked the scrolls better. I can leave my work in them and the fabric stays taut and wrinkle free, plus the areas that I am not currently working stay rolled up and out of the way.

I use a small flat plastic case with a magnetic bottom to keep my needles in. The lid snaps closed and works well for traveling - it doesn't take up a lot of space and my needles are secured. I'm not picky about the kind of needles I use, though I do prefer the smaller ones since I like stitching on higher count fabrics.

I keep all my flosses for a project in a large Ziploc bag until I finish, then I sort them out and put them back into the stash. And I like to keep my chart or my working copy of the chart in a plastic page protector sleeve. I can hold it or fold it without worrying about ruining the chart.