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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I`m so very flattered!

I have received three awards on this blog! Two from GoldenAngelsWorks and three from Teejay ! (Two of them are for the same award, so I split them up).

From GoldenAngelsWorks these two

And from Teejay those two also plus this one

It is called "Arte y pico". It means 'The Best Art". Thank-you so much ladies, I am quite honored! I`m not so sure my blog is deserving of all these awards, as I tend to neglect it dreadfully from time to time, but it is wonderful to know people read and enjoy my rambling on about samplers. Most people (in 'real life') that I talk to about them, their eyes glaze over after about 60 secs of my enthusiastic ranting!

I will post my choices for awards later today, along with the rules for receiving and awarding them. Again, thank-you!

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