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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Needlework stand follow up

Awhile ago I told you I bought a floor stand to hold my scroll bars. I set it up yesterday, and put my 17th century style band sampler on it. The frame is lovely, easy to use and sturdy, but I need my magnifier lamp in order to use it. I just now found it, after looking all day. Since I am still at my moms, all my stuff is packed in boxes...and boxes....and more boxes.

I hate getting old. From the time I hit 41, my eyesight, which was never great to begin with, has gotten worse. I was always far-sighted and wore glasses, (they were really thick before thin ground lenses became available) but now I can`t see close with my glasses on, or far away with them off. I got a spare pair of glasses to wear with bi-focal strength lenses for stitching, but they don`t work well. The best way I can see to stitch is with no glasses holding my work really close, but that is hard on my eyes. I am going to give it a try stitching with the magnifier and floor stand. It is going to be difficult to get everything arranged with all the clamps, cords, and wooden arms in the way. Wish me luck!

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Katrina said...

One thing that works well for me is I wear my progressive lense glasses and then I have a pair of readers that are half a lense. I perch those in on the end of my nose in front of my glasses. My DH laughs but it works. Hope you figure something out that works.