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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moms Post...

My mom, in her lifetime, has sewn clothes for her three children, including hand smocked dresses for me that, unfortunately, I only have pics of, made my sisters wedding dress, outfitted all the bridesmaids and flower girl (me), knit more sweaters, mittens, hats, scarfs and socks than I can count....made baby clothes, knit dolls and stuffed toys, crocheted afghans, pillows, baby blankets...well, you get the picture. If it could be made on the sewing machine or with yarn, she has likely done it. She is crocheting squares for an afghan as I write this. She loves making up her own patterns, and I have seen her look at something and say "I can make one of those, I don`t need a pattern" and she did it every time!

She taught me to crochet, and while I have done some with yarn, I prefer crochet cotton. I don`t crochet much, mostly when I need a ruffle to go around a cross-stitched pillow. But I think I got my creativity from her, and my love of colour.

She has no idea how to use a computer, however, so I am posting this for her. These are some of her latest creations...they are toilet tissue covers. I think they are really adorable...there is just something about those poodle faces!

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Claire said...

Those really are adorable. Your Mom is quite talented.