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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Learning something new?

Given unlimited time and funds, is there a needlework technique you would love to learn? There are so many wonderful types of needlework out there...hardanger, drawn thread, needlelace, bobbin lace, goldwork, whitework...what would you like to try?

I have been reading the Plymoth Plantation blog The Embroiderers' Story , and if I had the time and money for teavelling, I would go to one of the embroidery sessions. I can`t imagine anything more fun than spending time with ladies who love history and needlework as much as I do, learning to do detatched buttonhole (The blue petals) and plaited braid stitch (the gold work you see below). Just look at this flower:

Isn`t it wonderful? Keep stitching ladies!


Anonymous said...

I agree, that project is nothing less than spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Dido. I wanted to go to the sessions myself but time and money prohibited me. You are not alone.