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Friday, June 26, 2009

Grateful Heart Chit Chat for Silklover

SilkLover asked me some questions about my version of Grateful Heart. She wrote:

I Love the Grateful Heart Sampler. So happy to find someone else stitching it! I was checking Just Cross Stitch Mag for corrections as I had a question on the colors used in Areas C and E since the directions said to use color 7044 (Dungarees) for BOTH of the stitches, but the photo of the design (and your pic) differs. What I found instead was that all double-running and backs stitches should be stitched using one strand of floss rather than the two noted in the instructions. If I was more experienced, I would have figured that out. Too late. Since I have too many hand problems to rip out the work I have used these stitches in, and if I did I would toss it right now as the GAST floss is terrible quality and does not hold up, I will leave as is. I have a question - did you use Old Blue Paint or Blue Jay color for the long-arm stitches in Areas C and E? Thanks!

Hello Silklover! I looked for an email addy for you, but can`t find one, so i`ll answer you here...I really wondered about doing the double running with 2 strands, so I stood back and looked after I stitched it, and it looked ok to me so I left it.

I completely agree about the GAST quality...I have some older stock in my stash that is nice, but this is terrible...I won`t be buying their threads again unless I can see them first(I mail order all my supplies right now). This also makes me wonder if I am going to run out of thread because i`m using twice as much for the double running stitches. I know mistakes happen, but geeze...don`t they check things before they publish? Grrrrrrrr......

As for areas C and E... I used Blue Jay for the long armed cross...I think it is a mistake in the pattern saying to use Dungarees. The pic looked like she used Blue Jay, so that`s what I went with...

Thank you so much SilkLover for the info...I didn`t see any corrections for the sampler anywhere...where did you find them, and are there any more little 'surprises' I should know about? Do you have a blog where I can see your stitching?


SilkLover said...

I looked at the Just Cross Stitch magazine website for corrections, which is where I found out the info about the double running stitches.
A few days ago, I decided to use Old Blue Paint for the long arm cross and it looks fine.
So far, I have not run across any other oops. As a legal analyst, I learned to be very detail oriented because if something was wrong it could cost my employer big bucks. But in training other analysts, I also found this was not a talent everyone shared. So, as frustrated as I get on corrections like these (because they do cost me money in misued resources - on this case thread) I know it happens.
No blog yet. If I decide to put one up, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I will check your's to see your progress. Thanks! Julie(SilkLover)

~mj~ said...

No problem! I`m sorry I didn`t see your question til yesterday...I really need to change the email addy my post notifications go to. I don`t open it much because i`m on dial up, and it takes forever!

SilkLover said...

I just sent you an email regarding the threads titled "Gentle Art Threads - Grateful Heart Sampler". Please check for it as this is info your readers may want.