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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winter`s Lace update

I spent last weekend with this project...I hadn`t worked on it for awhile, and I had to 'switch gears' to working confetti stitches....a big difference from Mary Wigham. I like working this though I wish it was going a little faster. I am trying to be patient with it, because unless I stitch it exclusively, it is going to be slow going.

I am back to working on Mary Wigham again...I have my comp on the side with the pattern on screen so I can stitch (no printer). It`s a bit awkward, but I just can`t seem to put MW down...I am officially Quaker addicted I think!

Keep stitching ladies!


Galeon 7 said...

What she hasn't told you is she is stitching the wolves for me. She knows I love wolves. Hun, um, uh, er, where are the eyes (snicker)

The boyfriend.

~mj~ said...

The eyes are there dear, just not backstitched yet. You do the details last...

Anonymous said...

The finished wolves are up in the Mary Maxim store in Paris, Ont. They look fantastic. They did a wonderful job converting this to cross stitches. You will be so very pleased when it is finished. Maria S.

Anonymous said...

You're a lucky guy, boyfriend! :-) Those wolves are just beautiful.