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Friday, June 19, 2009

Mary Wigham update

Here is section one, (mostly) finished. There are a few stitches that go into the second part that I haven`t done. The only problem is I don`t have a printer, so i`m waiting for part two to come in the mail (my fiancee printed it off for me). I have tried stitching with the comp on my lap, but it`s a bit awkward...maybe i`ll stitch on Grateful Heart for awhile...or maybe go back to my wolves...hmmm. Decisions, decisions...
There is a lot of buzz about this sampler on the Needle and Thread board. I am loving every stitch of this so far, and i`m not alone!...come take a peek at our pics and join in the conversations! Joining YUKU is free, and there are a lot of stitching boards there...
Keep stitching ladies!


Rowyn said...

Your Mary Wigham is looking good!

Eva said...

I like how your Mary Wigham is turning !
My first part isn't yet finished.
Take care