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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mary Wigham progress

This is my progress on Mary to date....
I have changed more colours...the rosebuds in this wreath were done in a very pale pink, and when viewed from a distance it looked like I had forgotten to fill them in. I thought the red (3857) was a little too dark, so I choose a shade just a little lighter, 3721. It seems I keep adding colours to the pallet as I go along, subbing them for the creams and whites.

I haven`t decided what colour to do the initials in the center...I will choose something later to balance out the colours i`ve changed. I am skipping around on this, stitching what ever strikes my fancy, and just having fun and enjoying it.
Keep stitching ladies!


staci said...

Beautiful progress on Mary!

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful, mj!

Jo said...

That's wat stitching is for - fun! It's looking lovely