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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Traditional Stitching

I Have have been on a rather tight budget lately, saving for expenses which I am sure will be incurred during my upcoming move to the USA, but when I opened my email today and opened up the latest newsletter from Traditional Stitches I just could not resist buying some of her fabrics.

I have been stitching Mary Wigham on 36 ct. This has been somewhat of a stitching revelation for me. I have always stuck to 32 ct and larger, thinking I could not see well enough to go for a smaller count. As I have gotten older, I am now doing the 'trombone' manoeuvre (holding things at arms length to focus). I have started stitching with my glasses off. I am nearsighted, and I have tried magnifying lenses of all sorts, including prescription, but I can`t stitch using them. Glasses off seems to work fine, and I have not noticed any increase in eyestrain. Even while stitching Mary Wigham. Which brings me to my point...I love the higher count fabrics now! I especially love only using one strand of floss...no twisting, tangling is reduced, no laying tool!! Not to mention the mileage you get from a skein...not a big deal for DMC, but if you are doing a large sampler with expensive silks, it is much more affordable this way! Most antique samplers were stitched on very fine fabrics with one strand of thread. They knew what they were doing!

So, I ordered some of Janice`s fabrics...36 and 40 ct, from her pre-cut fabric selection. These are a wonderful deal anyway, but she is offering an additional discount to her newsletter subscribers. If you haven`t signed up for her newsletter, you should. Granted, she is In Canada, and shipping to the US would be more, but it still may be worth it to those of you 'south of the border'.

As always...keep stitching ladies!


Stitch By Stitch said...

Thank you so much for being my first comment! I have followed your blog for quite sometime and really became inspired to try to connect to other stitchers via the internet. I am very anxious to start on Mary Wigham. I am loving seeing all the other stitchers around the world and the color choices they are making for their rendition. Truly awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree, higher counts rule! I've been loving 40ct for a while. Another pro is you get to stick more in the same wall space, he!

Anonymous said...

Janice just loves to lead us astray. I've done some over two on 40 count with one ply of Needlepoint Silk and it's a wonderful experience. Did the Tsunami Sampler last year over 1 on 25 count lugana. This year I've done LHN Home of A Needleworker also over 1 on 25 count lugana. Right now I'm stitching the Emerson piece from Twisted Threads over one on another piece of the lugana. I, too, can't see the far side of a barn but without my glasses I find over one stitching a delight. Maria S. p.s. I met Janice at the EAC in Toronto a number of years back and, I must say, she didn't twist my arm when it came to buying items from her booth. The only trouble was she had so many great things to rescue and bring home!

Anonymous said...

It should have read "over 1" not over 2 I also stitched the Quaker Christmas over 1 thread on 26 count Blush linen. Much prefer the Lugana for over 1 stitching. Maria S.