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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another stitch-along!!

Courtesy of Needleprint. I hope it`s ok to blog about it, but i`m just so jazzed up about another chance to share a sampler with stitchers around the world. Read about it here!
I am already pondering thread and fabric choices. There were so many beautiful versions of Mary Wigham I may 'borrow' someones colour scheme for this one. Blue...or pink...or a two colour theme (I loved the combo of red and golden-tan that Kimiak in France did for her Mary)
Delicious decisions!!


Jo said...

how did I miss your last post????? JUGE congratulations MJ!

I LOVE the new sampler. Much more than Mary Wigham. I think it's the swan and the flowers. I am exceedingly tempted to try this one - thanks for sharing

Stitch By Stitch said...

I too love the new sampler, swans on anything and I'm hooked! Good to see you posting again. Stay warm neighbor:)

Susan said...

I think 'borrowing' is fine and a compliment to the stitcher who picked the color combo.
Happy Stitching!

SilkLover said...

I think the "new" sampler is great. And I agree that it is much nicer than Mary. Which, alas I am still working on and may not finish it until I reach the pearly gates at this point. But, I did finish stitching the Grateful Heart Band Sampler.

marylin said...

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marylin said...

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Marie-P said...

That you for the "heads-up" on this upcoming SAL!