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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 finishes and new starts...

I finished my first block of HOHRH...it was a fun and quick stitch, and I am choosing the next block...I want to finish a block a month...hopefully.

I have started a wedding sampler by Drawn Thread called Marriage of True Minds. I always loved this Shakespearian sonnet, and I adore Drawn Thread designs, so this one is a natural. I am stitching it on 36 ct Summer Khaki with DMC and Weeks threads. I have no illusions this will be a quick stitch... it`s big, and there is a stitch on it called rose stitch...many many passes of the needle for that one, and there are quite a few of them in the tree at the top. I need some thread for it...I am out of the Weeks Blue Spruce (I use that colour a LOT) and I need some brown for the tree. The Summer Khaki is darker than the material called for, so I have to adjust a few colours.

I put the last bit of stitching in Coffin Buzz...Have you ever done a project where you hated every stitch? That`s how I feel about Coffin Buzz...part of it was the material I used ( it was an evenweave with some rayon in it, can`t remember the name) and also I detest brown...and this was all brown. Ugh. I coffee dyed it...what do you think?

Sorry for the crooked pics...I was trying to snap them while avoiding the cats...as soon as the camera comes out they appear....right on top of the stitching!

I also want to finish my version of the LJP Star Spangled quilt, but I need some gold fiber for that. I went to to Fancy Mats on March 9th as I had an appointment with USCIS (more immigration crap ...er ah, I mean paperwork) so a little reward of some stash shopping was in order...Unfortunately I couldn`t get most of what I was looking for, but they will order it for me, so that`s fine. It`s not like I don`t have anything to work on!

I got some thread I needed for Grateful Heart from Anitas Little Stitches, so I finished that as well. That was a fun stitch...the colours and different stitches kept me from getting bored.

Hmm...3 finishes and 3 new starts. I don`t seem to be making any headway...And my WIP/UFO pile is still growing. I wonder who will inherit it?

Keep stitching ladies!


Giovanna said...

Your finishes are all stunning, mj, congratulations! You did a great job on Coffin Buzz, love the look.

Margaret said...

I love the colors of your first HoHRH block on that linen! So beautiful! Great fabric choice! I hear you on Coffin Buzz -- there are definitely some projects, especially monochromatic ones, that just don't appeal. lol! But it looks great! The coffee dye is good! I love your last finish too. So beautiful! That looks like a very complicated piece, so elaborate -- and gorgeous! Congratulations!

marylin & poussy said...

Oh it is magnificent, that of beautiful things it is a delight for eyes!
Best regards

joann in tx said...

i love how your grateful heart turned out! congrats on all the finishes!!! and thanks for posting pictures! we love pictures! :)

Cari-in-VA said...

MJ, your needles have been flying - so many wonderful finishes! I just love this little block of HOHRH - I haven't seen this one yet.

I'm sorry Coffin Buzz was such a dreaded stitching piece - it it wonderful! This is on my list to do one day.

I have not seen Grateful Heart either but it is absolutely stunning - the colors are amazing.

Can't wait to see a glimpse of your new starts!

Enjoy your day.

Jo said...

Lovely stitching MJ. I had trouble with coffin buzz too - in may case it was riddled with frogs! But I love the piece. I wouldn't worry about the WIP/UFO pile - life's too short!

~mj~ said...

Thanks ladies!

SilkLover said...

Your Grateful Heart Band Sampler ooks great! I finished mine just after New Year's. I agree that the dfferent stitches kept it interesting. I like the idea of 3 finishes and 3 new starts!