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Friday, August 12, 2011

Martha Edlin!!!!

Photo © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Martha Edlin sampler is now available as a kit from The Essamplaire. I adore this sampler. I have had it on my 'someday' list for ages! The price is a bit steep at $355.00-$368.00 (depending on the fabric count you choose) but this is a large very complex sampler, so the price is not outrageous. It is stitched with filament silk, which I have never used before, but i`m thinking that would be the least of the challenges with this sampler. It looks like a challenging stitch. For a better view, look on page 37 of Samplers From The Victoria And Albert Museum by Claire Brown and Jennifer Wearden, or here on the V&A website.

Keep stitching ladies!


Gabi said...

It looks gorgeous MJ. Such a lovely sampler. But huge it is.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Holding my breath here!
But then I hear some people spend $300 kitting up a Chatelaine.
The finished products are definitely worth it. I'm sure if you break it down to $-per-stitching-minute it'd cost cents!

Teresa said...

I just swooned a little - It's amazing!