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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Margret Gatis band #5

I know, it is taking me forever to stitch this band! Stitching over three threads on 36 ct is really hard on my ageing eyes! Taking frequent breaks is a must, and it`s frustrating how slowly I am progressing. I am thinking of stitching the centre motif of double running in this band in a different colour...it calls for DMC 3047, but this won`t show up at all on my dyed fabric. Maybe I`ll use one of the reds. I have searched for a pic of the original antique sampler, but came up empty.

ETA: I decided on a soft pink...DMC 3064.

The satin stitched red flower in the centre of this band is backstitched...the instructions call for it to be backstitched first, then filled in with satin. Not sure if this was the norm at the time the original was stitched, but I have run across this in other repros, most notably Jane Turner. Here is a pic of the band stitched by TOMMYE and it looks beautiful!
Here is a closer look at the flower TOMMYE stitched

 Backstitching (or double running stitch) first makes it much easier to count the satin stitches, but it is hard to do it neatly, but, I think if I use double running for the outline, then satin stitch over the outline, then double running stitch around the motif, I will get the look I am going for. I can`t take credit for this idea, it was told to me by a lady on one of the stitching boards I frequent. I am going to give it a go anyway...we will see how it turns out. I hope to have a pic up of my stitching of this band the first of the week. Thank you TOMMYE for letting me use the pics of your gorgeous stitching!

Keep stitching ladies!


Chris said...

Gorgeous progress!

Tommye said...

It's definitely a challenging piece, but so worth the effort. Good luck.

BTW, I tried outlining, and stiching over it, but didn't like it. If I ever try that again, I will outline it one thread INSIDE the actual line so that stitching over it won't be so tedious and messy.

Good luck and have fun.

Annette-California said...

It may be challenging but WOW it looks gorgeous!!! Love the colors your stitching with.
love Annette

~mj~ said...

Again, I`d like to reiterate ladies, the pics on this post are not my stitching, but the stitching of TOMMYE. I wanted to illustrate what I was talking about, as well as the stitching of someone who knows what they are doing...me, not so much...

Tommye said...

Believe me, I used 'unbecoming' words frequently while working those satin stitches. You figure it out as you go along.

Marie said...

That is beautiful. I am curious to see how it turns out when you stitch yours.