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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Revisiting an old finish...

I had finished this Victoria Sampler piece years ago, but it is not 'finished finished' if you know what I mean? I hemstitched it with the intention of making it into a bellpull, but I feel it needs something to make it stand out on the white-ish walls that decorators love to do every room in. So I am thinking about this:

This is a lacy sampler, and I have always loved the look of lace and tartan. I could back it with this and leave an inch or so showing around the edges. What do you think?

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Ann said...

I LOVE the way the tartan sets off the sampler--I vote for this!

Anonymous said...

I think the tartan will be lovely!!

Maria del Valle said...

Lovely embroidery!! It looks so beautiful.
Happy New Year!