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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I am definitely losing it...

Have you ever done things that you don`t remember doing? Leaving aside memory lapses from drinking that is. Not that I drink...not that there is anything wrong with drinking...

Moving on.

I was organizing my WIPs and found some projects kitted up. I was pleased, as I wondered where I had put them. Until I opened a bag and found this one:

Wayward Garden by Drawn Thread. I have no idea where this came from. I don`t remember buying it. I am thinking I must have gotten the pattern at Fancy Mats, because that is the called for fabric, and that is their label. I love the pattern, but why the heck don`t I remember buying it??? I swear I am losing it.

Then there is this:

I remembered having this pattern, and went searching for it in my binders, but couldn`t find it. Then in a drawer full of kitted up projects (I don`t remember setting up a special drawer for kits) I found the whole kit. I never buy kits!! It has aida, which I hate, and presorted floss, which I hate...the price was 75% off though...I am thinking I bought it when Fancy Mats in Denver went out of business. That is just a guess though. Geeze...where has my memory gone??

No progress to show you...I put aside HoHRH for a bit and picked up a very old WIP Celtic Summer by Lavender and Lace. I was loving it, stitching along, needle flying, then discovered I am out of DMC 368. Crap. Pardon my French. I was hoping to show a great progress pic, but that will have to wait til next time. You see, our truck decided to take a little vacation. It is old and we can`t quite  figure out what is wrong with it. Hubby had all his teeth out (love your toothbrush ladies and gents) and isn`t feeling up to messing with it, so I am stranded. I will have to find something else to work on I guess. Til next time, keep stitching ladies!!


deb said...

I empathize! I've found charts I can't remember buying. They seem to turn up when I'm looking for charts I *know* I have (uh, had?) that are nowhere and must have gone away when I was being ruthless before we moved.

Oh yeah, and then there are the charts that I've bought twice.

~mj~ said...

I apologize for not publishing your comments right away Deb, I am not getting Gmail notifications about them for some reason...and how wonderful you are stitching Jane Turner!! I am loving your blog.. <3

I haven`t bought a chart twice...yet... ;)