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Friday, September 23, 2016

Stitchy ADD

Not to offend anyone who truly has ADD, but I think I have stitchers ADD. I just can`t settle to one project for more than a few weeks before my mind begins to wander and voila! another start. I have been working on Houses Of Hawk Run Hollow, doing them individually

this is my progress, not much really

 and I had ordered the fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow, 40 ct Sand Dune but it is back ordered everywhere...evidentally Zwiegart had an issue with the bolts of fabric...

 so I ordered the fabric for Shores Of Hawk Run Hollow (seeing a theme here, lol?)

I am doing shores on Lakeside 40 ct Cedar Plank, but it hasn`t come yet. I have also been watching Floss Tube. Now that spells trouble. So many clever ladies doing so many lovely projects!! One in particular has been nagging at me...Death By Cross Stich by Long Dog Samplers

 Now when I first saw this I said "no way, are they nuts??" but the more I saw it the more I loved it. I adore the patterns, but it is sooo BIG!  (363 x 447) Then I got thinking it reminded me of something. So last night I went stash diving and found this:


this is Margreet Beemsterboers` Sampler of Motifs from Marken. I got this from the now defunct Needleprint publishing, which I still miss. This is big enough at 409 x 277. And is not as solidly stitched. Trying to decide what colour to stitch it in, I would get really bored with black so I am thinking blue, either DMC 792, 798, 797 or 796 with an as yet undetermined accent colour on antique white 36ct Newcastle linen.The sampler is made up of bands that traditionally decorated the caps of women from Marken Holland. Since this post is long enough already, I won`t go into the history of Marken bands, but will leave it to you to discover for yourselves. I have no idea how many WIPs I have, and I don`t really want to know...do I??

Keep stitching ladies!


Robin in Virginia said...

I think you have made good progress on your house construction because it is solid stitching. Have a fabulous weekend!

deb said...

The Hawk Run Hollow pieces look like fun stitches ... though you may get a touch tired of houses before you finish all three!

Bits of Death by Cross Stitch are tempting, but stitching the whole thing sounds a bit scary. I like the motifs - very different! In case you're soliciting input, I like the two darker blues.