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Monday, September 05, 2016

Happiness abounds, stress recedes...

This is my Beatrix Potter sampler, done on 32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast with 3722. Not much progress, is it? I think I am tired of samplers. I just can`t get into them. They are too much for my tiny stressed out brain, so I am stitching this:

This is a square from Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Easy peasey stitching with a small-ish finish.

I have been stitching the houses on small pieces of 40 ct lambswool with DMC and was going to frame the separately.I am now regretting that decision. The idea was to have them going up the stairs in our other house, but this house has no stairs. I have also ordered the fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow and am doing it on one piece of 40ct Lakeside linen in Vintage with DMC ( and possibly some Anchor for better colour matches). I just can`t justify the price of the silks. I wonder if I could seam them together? I have seen samplers done that way (there was one called Flea Market Find, I think?) 
Hmm....I will have to think about it I guess. No way am I starting them over again on new fabric! 

This is what the finished projects will (hopefully) look like:

Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler

Village of Hawk Run Hollow

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

As for life, it is chugging along...I have joys in the shape of a step-son, his girlfriend and two sweet kids that all but live here most of the time, sorrows in that they are struggling financially in these hard times and thankfulness that we can help them as best we can...I am working on getting the girlfriend to take up stitching! ;)

Keep stitching ladies!

Oh, PS: I found my books, repacked into a box other than what I put them in, that`s why I couldn`t find them!! YAY!!


Stitching With Kittens said...

Nice to see your new stitching! Know just what you mean about not being in the mood for a particular piece.

deb said...

I like the way the houses (um, village buildings?) look in your version with some space between them. Stitching the others together sounds like a reasonable plan - that seems to be all the rage these days.

The Quaker sampler looks great so far, though I can understand not being able to get into big pieces like that. Happy for you on finding your books - must be quite a relief!

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you found your books! Nice progress on the house; I really like the color of your Quaker. You could stitch all the houses together or perhaps add some fabric between the blocks and turn it into a quilted wall hanging.

Andria Rose said...

Hahaha soon to be mother-Inlaw i said I would think about it love you tho you you old stitch master bahahahahaha..😎😈😈😈