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Sunday, August 21, 2016


I am determined to get a few things in hand here. My stitching, my blog, my stash, and my life! Well, maybe not all of my life, but my stitchy life has been all over the place.

I finally have most of my supplies sorted out, my wips in some sort of order and I can get to my books. Yeah, my books. When we moved I have lost a box of books. I took great care with them, packed them all myself and brought the ones most dear to my heart in the back of the truck with me. I am missing a box!! I would cuss that moving company to he** and back but I am tired of that. If you follow me on Facebook I am sure you have read about the amout of stuff they have destroyed. I am still hopefully searching, but no luck. So far I am missing my book on Judah Hayle samplers..Eileen Bennett book sampler timeline, both copies of The Proper Stitch and my book on sweetbags by and several others. To say I am beside myself is putting it mildly! Hubby and I are going to tear apart the shed just in case they got put out there by mistake. ETA: Nope, no books

Anyway, not much progress on my Beatrix Potter. I have a mistake, I am off by one stitch and can`t find the mistake. I have also been working on The Garden Plot Thickens. Just a little. I have done more organizing than stitching, and we are still unpacking from our move. I told my husband they will have to bury me in Texas, because I am NEVER moving again!

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Robin in Virginia said...

I hope you find your books. I told my husband I wasn't ever moving again when we moved back in 2004. Look forward to seeing your stitching!