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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

There was a little stitching...

I picked up Froth and Bubble (hang on, I have to go look up who designed it, yes, it has been that long since I have had stitchy thoughts!) by Long Dog Samplers and stitched a wee bit...and by wee bit I mean an hours worth...on it. That is it. Sigh.

Do any of you watch Floss Tube? I used to. A LOT. I mostly listened while stitching, glancing up and drooling over finishes, progress pics, and stash. Then I got disenchanted. After always typing comments under the vids, praising the work, asking questions, loving the stash,I  made the mistake of asking someone to please not tell a story about a pet that seemed like it was going to end badly. Wow. Another Flosstuber (who shall remain nameless) came into the comments section and flayed me withing an inch of my life, calling me names and saying I had no right to say anything to her friend (the maker of the vid) and how I was to immediately unsub from her channel if I was subbed, and a whole lot more that does not bear repeating. It seems there had been a rash of people 'hating' on Flosstubers on various social media that I was unaware of, and I was branded as a hater. I was horrified that I had caused offence, apologized and proceeded to try and right the impression I had made of being so awful a person. I sent messages, apologized, groveled and generally ate crow. The grapevine being what it is, I was very quickly labeled as being a bitch of the first order.

It is bad enough to be 'black balled' for something, but to unfairly judged and whispered about is disgusting. I sent the woman who had started the whole name calling embarrassing drama a FB message and asked her what was with all the hate. The response was not favorable, she refused to discuss it and her final message to me was "F... off". With no dots.

You may wonder why I bring this up now. Because it has been gnawing at me for a long time. I am now aware of the fact that I did nothing wrong. The lady whose video I was posting to said she had not been offended or hurt by my remarks at all. The people who trounced me in opinion were led by a popular Floss Tuber and exhibited a ganging up mentality I have not seen since grade school. I have been blocked from commenting on some videos. I wonder sometimes if I wanted to go to one of the stitching retreats if my application would get lost in the mail. Not that I would go, I just wonder...

You know what? I know who the nasty people are and I am done feeling guilty for something that I didn't do. I would never knowingly hurt someone either in life or print, and have stopped watching a lot of videos. I am not going to let the opinions of a few influence me either way. I am not saying who the nasty comments came from, as I am sure a lot of you love their vids, and that is great. I still watch some, just now getting back into stitchy mode.

I am me, take me or leave me.

Now, I have to go stitch something. And catch up on blogs...


deb said...

Oh no ... how awful. So sad that this happened to you, especially in a community of stitchers, since that's usually such a safe and welcoming place. Have been in a similar situation (though not stitching related) and it's horrible when someone feels the need to spoil something that has been enjoyable.

Glad to hear that you're stitching and hope you feel like letting us take a peek soon.

Pamela said...

People can be so hateful. They seem to want to take out all their frustrations on others. So sad! I stopped watching and posting as well. It seemed to be taking up too much of my stitching time and making mistakes. Lol! Glad you are back to stitching! I hardly go a day without putting in a few stitches. Hang in there. There are nice stitchers out there.

diamondc said...

I feel for you, this world has become such a hate society, it was your freedom of speech which you had every right too.
I have only watched floss tube about ten times that was nine times too many for me, I love bloggers and love commenting.
I hope you are having a great week.