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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just chugging along....

The Proper Stitch has been re-issued!...While this is good news for many, I wonder how many of you are kicking yourselves.Have you seen the price the originals go for? I have seen them go for upwards of $400.00! If I had shelled out that kind of money for one, I`d be really cranky about now. Not that it`s not an invaluable book, but would I pay that kind of money for one? Not likely...

That got me thinking about my favorite reference books.So here they are [in no particular order]...

  1. Samplers [from the V&A] - Clare Brown & Jennifer Wearden
  2. A Record For Time - Deborah A. Young
  3. Girlhood Embroidery - Betty Ring
  4. Linen Stitches - Ginnie Thompson
  5. Needlearts in N.S. Womens Lives- N.S. Museum publication
  6. Samplers From The E.A.C. Collection
  7. The Proper Stitch- Darleen O`Steen
  8. Making Samplers- The Embroiderers Guild Practical Library
  9. Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework- Therese de Dillmont
  10. Samplers- Clabburn
  11. Millers Samplers- Stephen & Carol Huber
  12. Beginners Guide To Blackwork - Lesley Wilkins
  13. Traditioal Blackwork Samplers- Lesley Wilkins
  14. Beginner`s Charted Hardanger Embroidery- Susan L. Meier and Rosalyn K. Watnemo
  15. Advanced Charted Hardanger Embroidery-[same authors as above]
  16. Sampler in The European Tradition- Kathleen Staples & Margriet Hogue

These are my favs...what are yours?...

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tkdchick said...

Hi Mj,

I look forward to getting my hands on a copy of The Proper Stitch and checking it out I hear its a great resource!