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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jane and her 'sisters'.

So, I know it doesn`t take much to excite me when it comes to needlework. A new pattern or set of silks send me into spasms of bliss...(it`s my geeky side and i`ve learned to embrace it!). But this is stupendous!!

I got an update in my email from The Essamplaire. In it there was mentioned a sampler that was coming up for auction at Bonhams in England. This sampler is nearly identical to Jane Turner! The pictures in the catalogue are flash pics, (which you can`t save to your hard drive) and I wanted close ups to compare with Jane T. With no great hope of success, I emailed Claire Browne at Bonhams, explained my reasons and asked if she could send me a large pic. I didn`t expect to really be able to get one...usually pics are tied up in copyright red tape a mile long. But not only did she reply (Claire Browne!!...insert geek squeal here) she sent me a GORGEOUS HUGE .jpg file of the sampler!! I am, needless to say, over the moon!!

So I spent some time squizzing around the net, and came accross the blog Stitching With Kittens and she is stitching Jane Turner too! In her post here, she talks about the Jane Turner sampler and what I have come to think of as her sister samplers. There is also, in addition to the one at Bonhams, one by Mary Lawley, and one that was exhibited at Whitneys in summer of 2010 with the initials MC. Four of them!! The samplers are different in the amount of filling stitches done. One is mostly just double running outlining the patterns, but they all have almost identical band designs and layouts!! If only the samplers could be linked to a school, teacher, or even a town!

I am going to pull out Jane Turner again and get some more done on her. I am hoping that Stitching With Kittens can share some of her knowledge of Trellis Stitch with me and that will give me the push needed to get over that hurdle.
You can view Jane Turner at The Essamplaire and in Patterns of Childhood by Rebecca Quinton, the MC sampler in the book Samplers by Rebrecca Scott, and the new find at Bonhams I haven`t had any luck tracking down a pic of Mary Lawley and likely won`t as she is in a private collection. Oh how I wish private collectors would share their collections with the public!
Until next time, keep stitching ladies!


Katrina said...

Gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see new pictures of your Jane Turner too.

Brigitte said...

That seems to be one of the samplers that one rarely sees on the blogs. It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm very curious to see your next progress.

N E E D L E P R I N T said...

There is also one in the Goodhart Collection. See the Goodhart Samplers Page 104/105