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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plymoth Jacket at Winterthur

The gorgeous embroidered jacket that has cause such a sensation in the needlework world is on view at Winterthur through August 2011.
Click on the PDF link for a presentation for an article and pictures.
For the entire background story go to Tricia Ngyens blog
it`s a wonderful tale of investigation, inspiration and work involving people banded together to bring 'Faith' (the name they gave the jacket) to life.
For my previous posts on the jacket see:
As for me...well, I am stitching 4 repro samplers at once(yes, i`m officially nuts!) and the wolves for hubby, as well as a rather large wedding sampler. Jane Turner, Mary Hurst, Sarah Harris, and the PatternBand Sampler (SL) and A Marriage of True Minds (DT). Sorry, no pics yet...I have been procrastinating about getting the camera out for some reason. Here are pics of the finished samplers from the various web sites:
Jane Turner
Mary Hurst

Sarah Harris
Pattern Band Record
Keep stitching ladies!


Giovanna said...

You're working on some lovely samplers mj - I so want to start Sarah Harris!

Jo said...

Good to see you on here again MJ - great projects!