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Monday, January 16, 2017

Well, that didn`t go as planned!

I can`t believe it has been three months since I posted! I have been trying to post every couple of weeks...or at least once a month.So much for that!

There has been a load of crap going on in real life, but I won`t bore you with that. I can never seem to make my life as funny or interesting as Marly at Samplers and Santas, or as witty as Coni over at The Spinster Stitcher. I come off as either angry or whiney so never mind all that. Let`s just say some people should be glad I only stab fabric. `nuff said.

Stitching! Yes, I have been stitching, I have new starts and some progress on some old ones. The one holding my interest has mostly been my Song of Solomon sampler. I have been having fun with the colours in the swirly border, picking them out as I go. This version is by Hideko Ogiwara and I fell in love with her colours.
that has been my inspiration for the colour scheme, and here is mine.

Similar, but different.

I have also been working on Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I have the first square done:

and am working on the fourth square. I decided to leave square #2 for awhile as I am thinking about re-designing the church to more resemble those where I grew up. I started Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, but as all I have done is a straight black line, i`ll leave that one for another time.

I have a car project (actually two) on the go, handy for waiting rooms where we have been spending huge chunks of time lately. Prairie Schooler Santa 2004 on 40 ct Lambs Wool linen, and Oh Christmas Tree by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through The Night. I loved this when I started it, but now I am feeling meh about it. Maybe pics next time.

Well, I finally broke down and counted my WIPs.

26. I have 26 flippin' WIPS, most are huge. OY!!

Til next time, kepp stitchin`!


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your block finish on VoHRH! It looks great. Your swirly border is looking good; I like the color scheme. Have a fabulous week!

deb said...

Good to see you posting! Sorry to hear life's been beating you up lately (and would that we all could write our frustrations in a way that makes others laugh, as Marly does).

Never seen the Song of Solomon sampler before - very cool. Your color choices are heerful and fun.